Strategic communications is essential for proactive public relations campaigns—plan early and get ahead of your story opportunities. 


Public relations does not happen by accident.  It is the result of calculated communication strategies and a commitment to quality, consistent message development as well as finding the most successful vehicle by which to reach the target audience.  ASHA PR guides businesses on communication strategies for audience identification, message development and recognition of story and media opportunities.

Setting goals and objectives in a communications plan increases effectiveness, strengthens efficiency of resources and will help create measurable results.  Unlike other PR firms in Virginia, ASHA PR will help set goals for reputation and perception management, stakeholder relationship management and specific task management.  The outlined goals, whether they are broad or closely-focused, can be measured to validate public relations efforts and assist in planning future communications and public relations activities.

For example, ASHA PR has provided strategic public relations counsel for the Metropolitan School of the Arts.  The communications plan corresponded directly to their organization goals of expansion and growth and focused on specific objectives needed to reach their goals.  ASHA PR advised in strategies to help meet their goals, through targeted media relations, social media and other means to support their efforts at fundraising, student recruitment and community interaction.

Drawing on more than 20 years of experience and relationship-building, clients will get the well-timed placement of creative, concise and compelling content to broadcast, print and online media—all with specifically targeted reach to businesses, potential consumers and other designated stakeholders.  No matter the organization’s size, scope or target audience, ASHA PR works side by side as a team with its clients building, executing and evaluating a proactive communications plan for maximum impact.  Get measurable results for your organization’s public relations efforts to reach your goals; utilize ASHA PR to guide your efforts for the best use of your resources to tell your story, manage your reputation and propel relationships with stakeholders.


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