Whether it be a  local, regional or national angle ASHA PR will create press releases that are relevant and timely.


Getting your news covered in today’s saturated media climate means your content must be newsworthy, relevant, current and tailored for the proper audience.  ASHA PR will define your story, write compelling press releases and develop your unique voice for every audience.  Whether it’s a local, regional or national perspective, story ideas and messages will be written for the proper platform, be it hard or soft news, website, blog, and social media.

In news, timing is everything.  ASHA PR will help you coordinate the best content and message to tell your story with the best time to tell it.  This means following trends and, most importantly, watching current events and hot topics the media wants to cover and about which they are seeking content and relevant stories.

You know your topic and story better than anyone else.   ASHA PR serves as the facilitator to draw out the narrative in your voice and tell it in a way that allows the media to present it as a news feature or story.  Through crafted stories, carefully chosen angles and other communications, your message gets presented to the media in a way that maximizes your coverage.  ASHA PR will write concise pieces so they will pique the media’s interest, generating further coverage and better quality output of content.

As distribution channels have evolved and broadened, ASHA PR has expanded its focus from solely traditional earned-media to a strategy that combines print and broadcast media outreach with social media and owned media on blogs, websites and other online channels.  It is no longer safe to assume a press release written for traditional print media is the same content, style or voice required for today’s internet news sources or social media outlets.  As a result, ASHA PR gathers information and tailors content directly for the unique need of each specific media channel.


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