The media called, now what? Prepare, polish and practice for productive media interviews that tell your story.


The story told is only as good as its messenger.  ASHA PR instructs and coaches clients on how to turn industry-speak into compelling interviews.  Using hands-on training, mock interviews and talking point and message development, clients will practice and prepare for everything from a simple phone interview to primetime television exchanges.

Spokespeople always need to be prepared to speak knowledgeably, prudently and to the point.  Target audiences must clearly understand what spokespeople are saying, even though not every person is a natural-born public speaker.  Media training and practice with ASHA PR help spokespeople make the most out of the opportunities they have in front of the public eye.  What you should say and how you say it are equally important to get the intended message out clearly, without technical jargon or industry-speak that takes away from the effectiveness of your message delivery.

In addition, ASHA PR will coach you on the most effective personal presence and delivery techniques.  These includes eye contact, clothing and appearance, body language and hand gestures, as well as volume, energy level, speaking styles and everything else that will create that first impression when you step into the spotlight and begin telling your story.  Media training allows you an off-camera opportunity to practice without the pressure of a real-life situation all these visual techniques and polish your presence in front of others in different situations and locations.

ASHA PR will ensure you are prepared to deal with different interview methods and tell your story using customized media training, on-camera preparation and interview skills development.  Don’t be caught unprepared for public appearances, but expand your communications skills through media training and practice with a public relations professional who can help you look and sound your best while delivering your important story.


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