Crises can occur anytime; be ready to communicate to the public and your community with a strong communications plan.


A crisis can present itself to any organization, and usually does so when least expected.  Are you and your organization prepared to handle a crisis or will you be caught reacting and making important decisions on the fly? The formulation of a calculated crisis communication plan will guide an organization through times of chaos and includes a media contact list, critical messaging and methodical action plans as well as training for company spokespersons in the development of key speaking points and delivery of messaging. ASHA PR puts crisis communications Washington DC clients in the best position to handle a crisis and manage their reputation. ASHA PR will suggest tactics and procedures for a variety of situations, to make sure every base is covered and clients will not be caught off-guard during a crisis situation.

Hiring crisis PR firm DC ASHA PR puts you and your organization ahead of the predicament with proactive planning and messaging so you are ready when you need it. ASHA PR, one of the top crisis communication firms DC, excels at understanding the client’s needs and audiences as well as assessing the best way to communicate to the public—including traditional media, social media and other channels to best reach those who matter the most. In addition, clients will be trained and consulted on how to deal with the media, interviews and tough public situations.

ASHA PR is the crisis PR firm DC that helps navigate clients toward the best possible outcome with advance preparation, practice, follow-up strategies and systematic communication plans so they are ready for a crisis at any time. You and your organization will have the tools to follow the established procedures and make it through the crisis with the best possible outcome.


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