ASHA PR can help develop a social media plan and develop customized content to complement traditional media strategy.


Social media content is an integral part of a successful public relations strategy, but can vary widely by type of industry and different content and messaging than traditional media sources.  ASHA PR will develop a social media plan that creates consistency among online channels and traditional media outlets so your message is heard clearly from every vantage point.  Social media interaction provides organizations an opportunity to engage with stakeholders, prospects, customers, employees and the public at large in ways traditional media outlets cannot provide.  That is why creating and sharing regular, consistent and compelling social media content is just as important as identifying the best social channels for your specific audience.

As an example, ASHA PR uses strategic social media planning and content-building to assist Carmello’s restaurant in Manassas, Virginia, communicate on a regular basis with its potential and existing customers.  They have been able to use social media to provide fresh, timely content to an audience that may not necessarily use other communications channels (i.e. television, radio, print or web) to get their information.  ASHA PR provides strategy and develops corresponding content for event promotion, general information, news and top-of-mind awareness about their brand, food and services offered.

ASHA PR helps target all your public relations efforts, in a concerted effort to define and maintain your image, message and brand and will help filter out the relevant and newsworthy content best suited for each social media channel.  Telling your story has always been important when trying to get your business noticed among all the competitors, but social media provides a new twist in your public relations strategy—interaction from the general public.  ASHA PR can help get your organization prepared and coach you on how best to handle content, strategies and responses for interactive conversations from social media postings.


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