ASHA Public Relations, LLC provides seasoned public relations counsel to start-ups and small businesses as well as established organizations who want to use public relations to further their business goals.  From media training to finding the right media outlets for your company, the firm offers a range of services to help companies achieve their goals.

Strategic Counsel
Strategic Public Relations PlanningStrategic communications counsel for key decision-makers, providing a team-oriented approach to public relations strategy and planning. ASHA PR advises business leaders on communications strategy, story development and news opportunities. The firm provides a proactive approach to planning, organizing and cultivating newsworthy content. ASHA PR works as a team with its clients; listening, incorporating ideas and then producing a plan that works best for the client.

  • Proactive planning
  • Communications strategy
  • Teamwork

Strategic communications is essential for proactive public relations campaigns, plan early and get ahead of your story opportunities. More information

Media Relations
Media RelationsConsistent, targeted media relations with results. ASHA PR researches key media in print, broadcast, radio, as well as online. After 20 years in the PR industry, ASHA PR has developed relationships with major media organizations. The firm has worked with CNN, Associated Press, Reuters, FOX 5 News, NBC, Washingtonian, WUSA-9, Washington Post and many more.

  • Targeted media relations
  • National, regional, local media contacts
  • Consistent media coverage

Good media relations starts with good stories, but is successful with targeted media contacts and consistent coverage. Start your media campaign with ASHA PR, with more than 20 years of experience.

Media Training
microphoneMessage development, mock interviews, hands-on training. ASHA PR prepares clients to go on-camera and master interviewing skills. Key messages are created and incorporated into interview Q & A. With practice and preparation, clients maximize news coverage and convey their company’s culture and information with media savvy.

  • Identify talking points
  • Interview training
  • Customized media training

The media called, now what? Polish, prepare and practice for productive media interviews that tell a story.

Crisis Communications
Crisis Communication Strategy PlanCreate crisis communications strategy and messaging. Crises can occur at any company. ASHA PR can help prepare a crisis communication plan that outlines media contacts, provides internal and external messaging, and prepares follow-up communication procedures. Crisis communications plans are best executed when they’ve been prepared in advance, practiced and updated regularly.

  • Crisis communications preparation
  • Media contact list
  • Key messaging

Crises can occur anytime, be ready to communicate to the public and your community with a communications plan.

Press Releases/Writing
Press Release Public Relations WritingRelevant, newsworthy story development. Writing a good press release, can sometimes be the difference between getting news covered or getting overlooked. ASHA PR will write and develop story ideas that provide interest to the media and its audience. Whether it be a local, regional or national angle, ASHA PR will create press releases that are relevant and timely.

  • Story development
  • Newsworthy content
  • Relevant, community-oriented news

What’s newsworthy in that press release? Find the best stories that benefit the media’s audience and tell how you make a difference.

Social Media
Social Media Management StrategySocial media content creation and implementation. Creating regular social media content and developing a social media plan is part of a good public relations strategy. ASHA PR can help write content for a variety of social media, like Facebook and Twitter. Companies need to create a consistent presence online, as well as in traditional media.

  • Social media plans
  • Content development
  • Consistent engagement

You have social media accounts, but don’t know what to post or write about? Build your social media network and engage with regular, newsworthy content.